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Straight up inspiration and my crème de la crème tips on how to get visible and boost your impact online and in the world.


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I really feel like my session with Juliet opened the door to so many new opportunities for me – it was like I needed to her to help me get from where I was to where I wanted to start going.
Mary Stowell, Illinois
Within the first 24 hours of working with Juliet, I was able to really tune in and hone in on my message of my business, and life. She didn’t pretend to be the “all knowing coach” who has all the answers for me (even though she did have all the answers I needed). You can tell she practices what she teaches. I feel she is the real deal. True and authentic.
Tania Lammers, Canada, Guided Healing Works
I have accomplished more during my short time with her than I have in the past year on my own.
Leigh Higgins, New Jersey, Leigh B Higgins
Juliet has the highest strongest most powerful intention I have ever worked with/around/under. The journey with Juliet is intoxicating fun, full of love, and extremely powerful.
Jeff Allen, Georgia, Jallendcllc
The words that comes outta her mouth will blow your mind time and time again, cracking you open to a world where your dreams are your reality, bliss is not some overused word for the unattainable and life is rocking on every single level.
Elizabeth McKenzie, Australia, Your Highest Self

5 09, 2014

Desires on Tap

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They get your heart beating.
They inspire every cell in your body.
Your desires are a non-negotiable.
If it isn’t a non-negotiable it isn’t your true desire.
They reveal themselves as soon as you ALLOW yourself to open […]

22 08, 2014

Get Out of the Box and Into Your Purpose

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You’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed because you’re implementing what you think you should be when it comes to expanding your passion-based business and at the same time you’re terrified about putting yourself into a box […]

21 08, 2014

How Can I Experience Greater Balance in My Life and Business?

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We all try to find balance in our lives….or at least we think we are.

Want to know something crazy? It doesn’t exist.

So what are we REALLY chasing?

Watch the Blissed TV episode above and find out.